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Residential Brushing Kit

The Residential Brush Kit contains everything you will need to brush most residential ductwork including:

Metal — Fiberglass — Bag Duct

You will clean better and faster than any other system on the market!

Save over $75 when purchasing items in kit form

Kit Includes:

  • 2- Flexible Cleaning Cables (232.050, 232.070). 1- 16 foot & 1- 23 foot. These cables have a solid inner core that allows you to spin the brush in either direction. This gives you more control and cleans both sides of the duct equally. You can even put the two cables together and reach 39′ down the main ducts!
  • 2- Whip Brushes for Rectangular Ducts (263.08, 263.12). These 8″ & 12″ brushes have extra longer, lighter strands that “whip” into the corners that plain round brushes miss.
  • 2- Soft Poly Brushes for Insulated Ducts (264.08, 264.12). These 8″ & 12″ brushes are soft enough to remove the dirt from duct-board or lined ducting without damaging the surfaces. They are also excellent for flex ducting!
  • 3- Nylon Round Brushes(261.08, 261.12, 261.16). These 8″, 12″, 16″ brushes are for round metal ducting.
  • 2- Nylon/Steel Brushes(262.04, 262.06). These 4″ & 6″ brushes are perfect for metal dryer ducts. The hard nylon removes most normal build up and the extra strands of metal remove the hardest caked on or rusted materials.