About Us

SCAND TECH, USA, LLC is an American owned and operated duct cleaning equipment manufacturer with headquarters in South Windsor, Connecticut. SCAND TECH equipment is based upon the principle of using very flexible rotating brush systems to break contaminates loose and powerful high volume compressed air to effectively move those contaminates down the duct to the collection devices.

SCAND TECH brushes come in six (6) different styles and sizes from 3″-32″. using the correct sized brush assures proper contact with all duct surfaces, SCAND TECH even has special “whip” brushes that get into the corners of square or rectangular ducts. Brush Drive Cables are made in three different flex ratings to meet residential, commercial, and heavy duty work loads. Our cables are “field” repairable and come in lengths from 10′ to 100′.

SCAND TECH High Volume Compressed Air Systems consist of “steerable” high volume nozzles on very light weight hoses that are capable of traveling up to 50 to 150+ feet from one service opening. Our 1″ diameter system can eliminate the need to enter confined space and our riser cleaner eliminates fall hazards and the difficulties of multi-story risers. All of our compressed air systems can have a downstream injector installed to apply Sanitizer or coatings directly to the duct surfaces to insure complete coverage and access.

Our equipment was specified on many of the Ground Zero projects because not only did they work better than high pressure/LOW volume systems, they also reduced labor more than 30%, helping to return buildings back to normal much quicker.