Mechanical Cleaning Requirements


Manufacturers* Length Other Lengths Cable Weight Bi-directional Brush Sizes Brush Will Centerwhen spinning
ScandTech 23′ 5′ to 99′ 3 lbs yes 3 to 28 yes
Ab* 20′ none 9 lbs yes 1  straps 10,16,18 sometimes
DC* 20′ 4′ to 30′ 6 lbs ? 4, 8, 12, 18 almost
I E* 25′ 17′ 5 lbs ? 1 straps 12 sometimes
Ni* 25′ 15′ 7 lbs no 8, 12, 18 depends on brush
V Sy* 25′ 15′ 7 lbs no 8, 12, 18 depends on brush


Scand Tech Cables are made in standard lengths from 5′ to 99′. Our most common are 16′, 23′ and 33′. Custom sizes are available and since they are Made in the USA, they can be ordered and shipped Nationwide within 48 hrs. Standard sizes can be shipped over night/next day.


Cable Weight is important for many reasons. Scand Tech’s lighter cables are easier to use in almost all applications, especially when you are on a ladder. Lighter cables and brush attachment systems allow the brushes to spin up to center so a 12 brush in a 12 duct will reach the top of the duct. If a brush system is too heavy the weight causes the brush bristles to bend making a 12 brush miss the top of the duct anywhere from 1 inch to 4 inches.


If a brush spins clockwise it will “hug” the right side of a rectangle duct (say a 12 x 16). When it is reversed it will “hug” the left side giving you complete cleaning. Some of the above systems use threaded brushes. A threaded brush may “unscrew” when spun in the opposite direction of the threads. If it is held on with a clip, the clip may be knocked off if it hits a corner. Remember, losing a brush 20 or 30 feet down the duct, costs labor to get it back, if you can Scand Tech cables are bi-directional and the brushes are locked on quickly with the turn of screw.


Scand Tech has five (5) different styles of brushes; for normal dirt in Round duct, Metal Mix for severe or “caked” on dirt in round ducts, Whip Brushes for rectangular ducts (whips into corners that round brushes will NOT reach), Soft Poly brushes for flex duct and bag duct, Steel for dust collectors and kitchen exhaust. Sizes from 4 to 28 (every 2). Remember: If ducts were only ONE size, one brush would work! PS. Straps vs. brushes? In our test, the straps only hit 50-60 % of the surfaces.


This is important. If a brush is spun by a portable drill and can not lift the end of cable attachment and brush assembly, then the brush will not reach the top of the duct. Yes, most of the dirt is on the bottom but you are cleaning the entire system (tops and sides), aren’t you?Some systems have to use extra stiff brushes to keep the shape, only problem is that they do not bend and clean the complete surface. TheScand Tech Brush System is the lightest system available. All brushes spin up to full size so when you are cleaning the duct with the proper brush, you will be cleaning the entire Duct!

* Each brush system was purchased at full retail pricing with available brushes. All brushes were tested with the appropriate size brush in the same appropriate size ducts. All brush systems were tested with the same Dewalt 18V cordless drill on both high and low settings