Mechanical Cleaning Cables

Scand Tech Cables are made in standard lengths from 5′ to 99′. Our most common are 16′, 23′ and 33′. Custom sizes are available and since they are Made in the USA, they can be ordered and shipped Nationwide within 48 hrs. Standard sizes can be shipped over night/next day.

  • Residential cleaning cables come in sizes from 3′ to 39′, accepts bushes up to 12″ in diameter.
  • Commercial cleaning cables come in sizes from 3′ to 99′, accepts brushes up to 36″ in diameter.

Please see the section on Mechanical Cleaning.

Rotary Brushing Cables Residential  .15
from $ 230.01

Rotary Brushing Cables Residential .15

Scand Tech

Residential Cleaning Cables: 232 Series- are very flexible and will make multiple bends. They will take brushes up to 12” in diameter. Core: 0.13″ ...

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from $ 230.01